Pull-Up Repetitions


The goal is to perform the maximum number of pull-up repetitions in one set.

The Rules in a Nutshell
▸ The competitor may use whatever grip he/she likes (underhand/supinated, overhand/pronated, mixed)
▸ Each repetition attempt may be started after the Chief Referee’s ‘Pull’ command which is given when the elbow joints are fully extended in the down position
▸ The Chief Referee gives the verbal command ‘Pull’ only once, to signal the start of the competitive attempt. After that the competitor will be in charge of adopting the acceptable Down Position (with visibly fully extended and locked elbow joints) between repetition attempts
▸ The tip of the chin must completely pass the pull-up bar, both horizontally and vertically in the up position (when viewed from the side of the rack)
▸ The legs must be kept crossed at the ankles during the upward movement and in the up position
▸ The Motion Limiter stands to the front of the Rack, at a distance of 475 millimeters from the Pull-Up Bar
▸ The competitive attempt ends when the competitor releases one or both hands from the Pull-Up Bar
▸ Each competitor has one attempt
▸ The result is the number of ‘Good Pulls’ (= total repetition attempts minus ‘No Pulls’)
▸ The winner is the competitor with the most ‘Good Pulls’
Full Technical and Competition Rules

Note the two rule changes since the 2019 games. The old rules are striked out.

Pictures by Voima-Vahtila