Pull-Up Repetitions


The goal is to perform the maximum number of pull-up repetitions in one set.

The Rules in a Nutshell
▸ The competitor may use whatever grip he/she likes (underhand/supinated, overhand/pronated, mixed)
▸ Each repetition attempt may be started after the Chief Referee’s ‘Pull’ command which is given when the elbow joints are fully extended in the down position
▸ The tip of the chin must completely pass the pull-up bar, both horizontally and vertically in the up position (when viewed from the side of the rack)
▸ The legs must be kept crossed at the ankles during the upward movement and in the up position
▸ The Motion Limiter stands to the front of the Rack, at a distance of 475 millimeters from the Pull-Up Bar
▸ The competitive attempt ends when the competitor releases one or both hands from the Pull-Up Bar
▸ Each competitor has one attempt
▸ The result is the number of ‘Good Pulls’ (= total repetition attempts minus ‘No Pulls’)
▸ The winner is the competitor with the most ‘Good Pulls’
Full Technical and Competition Rules

Introduction to the Pull-Up Repetitions


Pictures and video filmed by Voima-Vahtila, video edited by Harri Kangas